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Part of Charlottesville’s charm is all the hidden treasures to be found, such as Monticello’s bountiful garden, the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains from Mont Alto, and Chris Greene Lake emerging from the surrounding woods.

Soon, a strong vision, diligent effort and local generosity will combine in that magical alchemy to create another local treasure - a Community Meditation Garden.

Just off Hydraulic Road, down the road from Stonefield Shopping Center, tucked behind a stand of trees, lies the Unity of Charlottesville spiritual center campus.  Our Labyrinth has been called one of Charlottesville Best Kept Secrets for connecting with Spirit and Nature, walking the spiral path.  Just off the Labyrinth is where the next phase of our Community Meditation Garden is taking shape: A place to meditate and connect spiritually, a place with abundant plants and flowers, and areas devoted to honoring many world religions.  

Please visit often and share with your friends to watch the dream come true...better yet - become a part!  Anyone interested in becoming a part of this creative effort is invited to contact Unity's Community Meditation Garden director Michelle Pike at


 Your support is essential to help us grow - Please visit and share our GoFundMe site: