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Unity Basics 1 & 2 Classes - Register Today!

Unity Basics 1: History of Unity

Wednesday, September 14, 2022  7:15pm on Zoom

Unity Basics 2: What Unity Teaches

Wednesday, September 21, 2022  7:15pm on Zoom

Unity Basics 1 (History of Unity) and Unity Basics 2 (What Unity Teaches) are the two required classes for Unity community members who wish to become Voting Members.  These interactive classes are taught by Reverend Don Lansky, Unity of Charlottesville's Senior Minister.  These are great classes to take if you are new to Unity, and/or want to deepen your knowledge and understanding of what Unity is all about, and they are required to become a Voting member   You can take these classes in either order.  Unity Basics classes are for everyone!

Why become a VOTING MEMBER of Unity of Charlottesville?

❖ Next step in supporting your Unity community

❖ Vote on important issues pertaining to Unity of Charlottesville

❖ Being a Voting Member is required for some UOC leadership positions

❖ It's easy - Just two membership classes on Zoom

To register, Email the Unity Office, call us at 434-978-1062, or click the links below to register online:

 Click here to Register for Unity Basics 1 - History of Unity - Sept. 14 

Click here to Register for Unity Basics 2 - What Unity Teaches - Sept. 21