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Would you be willing to generously give 10% of any unexpected income you receive from June 15-August 31, 2022?

We’re talking about “found” money that you weren’t expecting; like winning the lottery, receiving an inheritance, getting an unexpected bonus, finding a penny on the sidewalk, or collecting on a debt that you had forgotten about.

Unity’s Unexpected Income Program is about practicing a conscious and deliberate approach to affirmative prayer, being willing and open to receive your good, and generously giving 10% of any unexpected income that you receive from June 15 until August 31 to Unity of Charlottesville. 

If you’re willing to accept the challenge, we’re inviting you to print out the form (or pick one up in person at Unity of Charlottesville), & make the pledge on the “Count Me In” panel on the form (link posted below) - - - and to begin and end your day with the “My Prayer for Prosperity” affirmation. Join us in setting the laws of prosperity in motion for your increased good, and the financial support of Unity of Charlottesville.

Click here for all the details, including the "Count Me In" form, and the words of the "My Prayer for Prosperity" affirmation.