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The Future of Christianity – A Two Evening ONLINE Mini-Conference

Friday, October 28 at 7pm and Saturday, October 28 at 7pm

With Rev. Jim Curran, The Basilica of Saint Mary, Rev. Noah Van Niel, Christ & Luke Episcopal Church, Rev. Dr. Sharon Riley, Faith Deliverance Christian Center, Rev. Victoria Thomas, Agape East, Bishop Carlton Pearson, and Moderated by Christopher Naughton and Rev. Paula Mekdeci, senior minister at Unity Renaissance

With church attendance declining dramatically, organized religion becoming polarized and politicized, and more and more people identifying as “spiritual but not religious” Christianity is at a crossroads, if not a crisis point. Churches are losing members and many are struggling to survive. How can Christianity and the church remain relevant in today’s world? How does the religion (and church itself) need to change in order to serve an increasingly disillusioned and cynical population? In the late 1990s, Bishop John Selby Spong wrote that traditional Christianity, hamstrung by outdated dogma and institutional rigidity, “must change or die.” Is it already too late?

Unity Renaissance Spiritual Life Center is hosting a two-evening mini-conference Oct. 28-29 to discuss “The Future of Christianity” with a variety of local and national religious leaders. On Friday evening, Oct. 28, Emmy-award winning broadcast journalist Christopher Naughton will moderate a live, in-person panel with four clergy from diverse denominations in the Hampton Roads area, to discuss current trends and the need to evolve. On Saturday evening, Oct. 29, Rev. Paula Mekdeci, senior minister at Unity Renaissance, will interview via Zoom Bishop Carlton Pearson, whose story of breaking away from evangelical Christianity is told in the powerful movie “Come Sunday.” Bishop Pearson is a living example of what happens when one stands up for progressive change in Christianity. He offers a high-level view of the religious landscape and a passionate perspective on what needs to change.

Both evenings’ events will be hosted in person at Unity Renaissance and on Zoom. Audience members in person and online will have the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers both nights. Cost for the entire conference is $45 per person. Recordings of each night’s events will be available after the conference.

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