Dear Unity of Charlottesville Members and Friends,

At today’s Sunday service, I shared with the congregation that after 
twenty years of service at Unity of Charlottesville, I will be stepping 
down as co-minister of Unity of Charlottesville on October 31st, 2021. 
My decision was made based on guidance from Spirit that my work at 
UOC is complete and that I’ve done all that is mine to do here. 

I love this community and I love the ministry that I have poured my 
heart into for the past twenty years. As you can imagine, listening to 
inner guidance in this case has been a bittersweet process. I love you 
and will deeply miss you all.

I also want you to know that Rev. Don will be staying on as senior 
minister with the support of your board of trustees. I want you to 
know that our relationship, Don’s and mine, is as strong as ever and 
growing in love every day.

My hope is that in the coming two months, there will be ample time to 
say our goodbyes and share virtual hugs. I will be setting up some 
special times for small group gatherings for those who wish to be in 
communication with me at this time to share our feelings and 
thoughts, our wishes, and memories.

I ask for your prayers and support for Rev. Don and your board of 
trustees as they lovingly continue the work of this ministry to the 
wonderful and unforeseen opportunities that lie ahead for each one of 
you, and Unity of Charlottesville.

It has been my honor, privilege, and joy to serve this beloved 
community and I know that your wonderful future is assured.

With deep love, gratitude, and appreciation,

Rev. Patricia