ALTAR DISPLAY – Jeanne Stanborough

Please let us know if you are interested in taking on this act of creative love; it can be involved or simple ~ potted plants, a tulip, a Chinese vase.


Our most important project has been to create the beautiful banners that adorn the walls of the Rectory for the Fall Book Study every October and November. We can also be mobilized for other events, such as festivals, socials, or wherever art could be used to enhance. We welcome all who are interested and encourage all ideas and talents.


Team Leader Position Available

The holiday altar flower team organizes the Easter lily and Christmas poinsettia orders for UOC. They take the orders and arrange for the delivery of the plants. Who would like to step up to this twice-a-year commitment?


The Blessing Team is dedicated to hold sacred space for all who come to a UOC service, and to greet each person with a warm welcome, especially those new to UOC. The qualities needed to be a great Blessing Team Member include a desire to serve the UOC community in a friendly and outgoing manner, to make a one-year commitment, to be willing to attend a training session and attend team meetings when scheduled, to be on time for his/her shift, to work well with the team, to be flexible, and to understand the overall goals of the Blessing Teams. Each Blessing Team rotates every 5 weeks, but members should be flexible and willing act as a substitute if needed by members of another team.

Along with having a great opportunity to meet new people and grow in teamwork and leadership, Blessing Team Members know they are acting as emissaries for UOC to active members and newcomers alike, and gain in commitment to the UOC community.


This is actually a one person “team,” although I interact with the Ministers and the Office Manager weekly, report on income and cash status to the Board Treasurer weekly, and also interact frequently with many of the team leaders who need payments! This “job” averages about 20 hours weekly, and some of the major things I do are entering all deposit information into the accounting program, paying bills, preparing and updating spreadsheets for many special projects and funds, keeping the vendor files, doing payroll, making payroll tax and sales tax payments, preparing and filing payroll tax reports and sales tax reports, doing the monthly accounting, preparing W-2’s, 1099’s, etc. at year-end. Using my abilities to be of service to Unity in this capacity brings me great joy(RITA ~ it gives US great joy that you’re willing to do & have done so all these years! Thank you Thank you.)


Our Unity book store is open after each Sunday service from 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and offers books from Unity authors and cutting edge spiritual leaders – as well as unique gift items.

CELEBRATION TEAM – Team Leader Position Available

We strive to foster a spirit of unity within Unity through sponsoring events that bring the community together for fun and fellowship. We welcome any ideas for bringing the community together. We hope you enjoyed the Spaghetti Social and the Easter pot luck. We’ll be bunny hoppin’ towards you soon!


The facilities team inspects the buildings and grounds for upkeep and help maintain the buildings. Whatever the task – a bulb out, a loose screw or knob, a sticky door – we fix it. We also assist in moving furniture, help with decorations for the holidays & special events. If there is something we can’t do we get estimates and arrange to have the work done. Members should be handy with tools, and have a basic knowledge of household repairs.


UOC conducts food drives approximately 4 times each year. The food is donated to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. Our first food drive was conducted in 2008.

Team members make announcements in church and in the weekly church emails to alert the congregation to upcoming food drives and to let everyone know the results of the food drives.

The first Sunday of each food drive month, we hand out little “shopping lists” to members as they are leaving church. These lists serve as reminders about the food drive, and also highlight food items that the Food Bank is in need of at that time.

At the end of each food drive, we notify the Food Bank and they come pick up the food. Team members bring a variety of gifts to our project.

• Good communication skills and organizational skills are needed to provide interesting and timely announcements at church and via email

• A friendly smile helps when handing out the “shopping lists”,

• A willingness to approach people as they walk through the church lobby and ask them if they would like a list.

Food Drive Team members reap the satisfaction of seeing what a great impact can be achieved by a relatively small amount of work – the congregation has been SO generous and supportive of the food drives. In our first 2 years of conducting food drives we collected 2,648 pounds of food – over one ton! We are very proud of the donations our church makes to help those less fortunate in the Charlottesville area. Recently, our congregation provided 10,300 meals through the Stop Hunger program for needy children in Nicaragua.

HEALING HELPERS – Kevin Morrison

Healing Helpers holds circle prayer immediately after each Sunday Service. Circle prayer means we hold hands and form a circle. Each person in turn prays out loud or silently, submitting to the center of the circle names of those in need of healing or wishing to express the thankfulness of good news. We end with a hug and a hum, as humming massages the heart and unifies our commitment to self, each other, our church, and our fellows. Anyone is welcome to join Healing Helpers at any time, as the circle is always open to those who wish to participate.

Privacy is respected. We are each actively engaged in our individual commitments to service, and to aid and assist others through prayer. We send out encouragements and submit more names as requests come in (anyone can make such a request, using emails listed below).

Men often outnumber women in our circle, indicating that both our men and women feel comfortable with this type of prayer work.


Healing Circle Meets on the second Sunday of every month from 1 to 3 PM in the Unity Holistic Health Center (formerly the Upper Building). Healing practitioners of many different modalities offer their time and talent on a loveoffering

basis. All are welcome.

HOSPITALITY – Shirley Fleishman

The Hospitality Team is a wonderful group that would optimally number 12, but is currently in great need of 4 members. We provide coffee, tea and snacks to facilitate sharing, caring and networking following the service. This also welcomes first-timers and those who may feel lost in a sea of unknown coworshippers; in other words, we offer hospitality.

Assuming a 12-member team, the group is divided into 6 teams of 2, so that each member becomes quite familiar with their partner, and consistency prevails.

A schedule is made out every 12 weeks, so that each team of 2 will be responsible for 2 Sundays in a 3-month period. On that Sunday, the team comes around 9:30 to 9:45 AM to set up the coffee, tea and food to be ready when church ends. After the fellowship period, members remain to clean up the kitchen, and are out by 12:30 or 1 PM.

The church provides paper goods, and team members may either request reimbursement for the snacks they provide, or donate as part of their tithing commitment. There are forms available for tax deduction purposes as needed.

Members may come and go from this team, but we try hard to keep a 12-member group to keep time commitment to a minimum, and the beauty of the service endures. Many thanks to those who serve in this way.

LANDSCAPING – Michelle Pike

This team is working on a complete landscaping vision for the UOC campus, beginning with landscaping around Tom’s Play Space and the Shalom Labyrinth.  More people are needed as the master plan expands to include the whole campus.

An adjunct of the Landscaping Team, this project currently entails landscaping around the Labyrinth, Pergola, and Play Space, and will expand later. The retention pond will be in-filled somewhat, and the slope lessened in the steepest areas. Eventually that area too will be landscaped, and a small fence will be installed at the steepest point.

SILENT PRAYER – Buddy Leffers

I have been Team Leader of the Unity of Charlottesville Silent Prayer Team (UCSPT) since Jan 2012. I volunteered to take it over when the leader at that time stepped down. Regrettably I do not know when the Silent Prayer Team at our church was established; I suspect that occurred when our beautiful sanctuary opened its doors. I also suspect similar silent prayer teams can be found at other Unity churches because the concept is modeled on Silent Unity, which was founded by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore.

The current number of members is 12, including five members of the Prayer Partner Team. Within the next few months there will be an invitation for new members and a scheduled training session.

The Process: Community members are invited to place a prayer request in the Prayer Box in the narthex. These are collected each week by the team leader and sent both to Silent Unity and to all members of the Prayer Team. Silent Unity will hold each of these requests in prayer for 30 days. As we are modeled on Silent Unity, our members are committed to follow the same process, i.e., holding the requests in prayer for 30 days.

Confidentiality: **All members of the Silent Prayer Team are held to a strict standard of confidentiality. This includes no overt acknowledgement of having received a prayer request or an inquiry or encouraging statement to the requester about the request. The Team’s Credo is “SILENCE”.

It is an honor to serve the Community in Prayer for its members. Some prayer requests also serve our larger civic community and those in need in our human family anywhere.


Our vision is to facilitate a seamless spiritual experience through the creation of a quality live & recorded service.

  • The media team is responsible for providing audio amplification of the church services, for recording those services both audio and video, and for providing assisted hearing devices for those in our congregation who request them. We edit the audio/video files and post them to our website. We also provide sound for a number of additional concerts and other non-church service events such as workshops, weddings, and other community functions.
  • When fully staffed, our team consists of 8 members, each of whom works once every 4 weeks to provide the services described above. Typically, there are at least 2 team members in the booth on each Sunday. There is a lead team person and an assistant team person. The lead person has overall responsibility to decide how the system shall be set up and typically controls the system during the service. The assistant typically does the microphone and cable setup and may also setup of the video recording. They deal with the PowerPoint presentation, records the service on the laptop and are responsible for the video recording. Team members also attend occasional meetings and must communicate with team leaders and team members. We are a “self-managing” team that arranges our own substitution when we have schedule conflicts.
  • Our team requirements are people with audio, electronic, or video recording experience that would facilitate their being able to deal with the service needs during the regular weekly service, as well as to troubleshoot the equipment when something malfunctions. Our team members must be able to take on a leadership role in order to reconfigure our system and equipment when necessary.
  • There is also a media system in the Terrace Level that the team must be able to setup, troubleshoot and operate. This system is easy to operate and can be used by organizations renting our Ballroom space. This system is also used for Unity congregational meetings.
  • Our team members benefit by being able to practice a “being-ness” that leads to the congregation clearly hearing and ‘getting’ all of the service; we also gain the satisfaction of knowing we are making a difference for the people leading and participating in the service.

UNITY SPIRITUAL CINEMA – Wayne Thomas, Ginger Collier

Every third Friday of each month, we sponsor a potluck dinner, followed by carefully chosen, high quality films of 90-120 minutes focused on a specific topic that stretches our perceptions and deepens our spiritual growth. The films of each month introduce a theme, and the discussion that follows the films is quite reflective and enlightening. Occasionally, we invite local guests who are specialists in the topic of the evening to lead the discussion.

UOC Spiritual Cinema began in April, 2011, and with ads in Echo, we have attracted new attendees to our Unity community. The love offerings collected are added to the general fund of UOC, and expenses (ads and films) are funded by the team leaders. The movies are well-liked and by 2012-2013, we have established a regular attendance of around 60 each month. The team leaders choose the films and write the ads for Echo, and Jane Skafte takes responsibility for designing the final copy that is sent to the editor. Each film evening, the team leaders operate the sound equipment and clean up the kitchen, with the kind help of many UOC congregants.

Our mission statement: “Using high quality, uplifting and thought-provoking films as a stimulus for deepening our spiritual growth, Unity Spiritual Cinema is designed to build community through exploring innovative topics that keep us all up to date with the dramatic transformations occurring globally, as well as to share laughter, joy, healing and love. The films honor all spiritual paths and Unity welcomes people of all backgrounds and all ages to attend.”


The Unity Holistic Healing Center (UHHC) opened on April 15 in the former Upper Building. Joanne DiMaggio serves as the UHHC Team Leader and liaison between practitioners of UHHC and UOC’s leadership, currently Donna Clark. UOC created UHHC to provide services for the spiritual growth and transformation of Mind, Body and Spirit, in alignment with Unity teachings and the mission of UOC, and is the embodiment of UOC’s goals to serve its community and the Charlottesville area community.

Joanne maintains a full-time office there, while a second office provides space for practitioners on an hourly basis. They pay for the use of the space through a 20% donation of their UHHC income to UOC. As of May 1st, the third office remains vacant but interest in the Center is high and hopefully that office soon will be occupied.

UOC created a Memorandum of Agreement between it and the practitioners at UHHC outlining specific guidelines for participation in the Center. Because UHHC is an outgrowth of the UOC ministry, each practitioner is an ambassador of UOC and therefore required to be affiliated with Unity in terms of regular Sunday attendance and understanding of Unity’s principles and teachings. Each must read and sign the Memorandum of Agreement, show proof of certification and insurance, and pay a monthly $10 fee for utilities. The common area (living room) is reserved for classes by UHHC practitioners who give 10% of class-related income to UOC in exchange for using the space. UHHC is not available for rent to the general public or to non-UHHC practitioners.

UNITY WEB SITE – Mark Livingston

The team updates the website as new events are announced, as new content (e.g., blog posts and podcasts) is created, and when upcoming events should be highlighted.

The Web Team is always in need of photographers to submit photos taken at our many events.

WOMEN OF UNITY – Ginny Kelly & Belle Newheart

The Women of Unity group is one of joyous, inclusive fellowship with the purpose of spiritual enrichment and personal growth through service to each other and to Unity of Charlottesville. Our evenings together are filled with laughter, love, and learning, and we celebrate our connections within Unity and to Unity. The group meets on the third Thursday of every month at 7 PM in the Terrace Level. All women are welcome.


The Youth Education Program lovingly offers a supportive environment for children and teens to experience, explore, and express themselves as spiritual beings. Each Sunday during the service, 4 to 7 adults work with classes of preschoolers, elementary, middle, and high schoolers using Unity curriculum to explore spiritual life. The Youth Ed Director provides curriculum and all necessary supplies and resources.

The Uniteens (middle school) and Youth of Unity/Y.O.U.ers (high school) also attend regional events every year with their peers from around the East Coast. Leadership and service opportunities offer additional possibilities for these older students to explore and strengthen their understanding of who they are and who they want to be.

Each summer, the Youth Education Program welcomes volunteers from the congregation to share their talents and passions with the children in our “Summer of Exploration”. Each week, a different volunteer teams up with a Youth Ed teacher to share a special project or experience with the elementary and preschool students. In the past, we’ve had art projects, nature exploration, dance, Tai Chi, puppetry, and learning about different countries.

The Youth Education Program hosts several congregational events each year, including an annual Talent Show and Chili Cook-off fundraiser, a Rite of Passage for graduating students, an Easter Egg Hunt, and a Holiday Gift Exchange. Other activities often include family outings, a Spiritual Parenting support group, and childcare for church meetings, Intergenerational Worship Services, and interactive games during church events.

Anyone interested in an ongoing role in the Youth Education Program is provided with training, resources, and support from the Youth Education Director. We require a background check of regular volunteers in Youth Ed.