Uniteens – Middle School (Ages 11 to 13): This group is organized for a particularly crucial age group and follows Unity principles to give middle school-aged children the opportunity to internalize Unity principles. These young teens are trying to make sense out of the world, their bodies, their life and where they fit in.

We are currently using the curriculum I of the Storm for Teens which teaches how to use spiritual principles to create peace while embracing conflict. This is a truly transformative experience, where they will learn techniques to create peace and make the difference in our day to day lives.

Y.O.U. – High School (Ages 14 to 18): These are the older teens. They are learning to co-create their own journey in life using the Bible and Unity Principles to develop a deeper understanding of their daily life. They support and share with each other and those in the regional and international groups.

This program for high school students is the culmination of Unity youth spiritual education. It is a special, peer-driven, Unity-structured support group for teens during the critical high school years.