Nursery (Infants to 3 years old): Children this age need love and a reassuring presence. Our nursery is staffed by caring and competent care givers who tend to our youngest members while their parents and guardians attend out Sunday Worship Service.

Preschool (Ages 3-5): These children like to try things for themselves. They may be silly, loud, active and social. Here the children are learning that God is everywhere, always and loves us unconditionally.

We are using the Unity curriculum What a Wonderful World, focusing on “who I am” as a child of God, exploring our nature as unique, loving, compassionate, and creative beings; as well as focusing on “who we are” as a family and community together, exploring experiences of cooperation, peace-making, care-taking and the diversity of our world family.

Elementary (Ages 6 to 10): At this age, children are starting to build relationships with other children and adults. They like to move around and are learning to read and write. They understand stories literally but not in abstract thinking.

We are using the Unity curriculum, Celebrating My God-self, which presents basic Unity principles through stories, affirmations, Bible verses, music, creative expression, guided meditation and prayer. Written and published by our Association of Unity Churches, this curriculum is based on Unity’s Living Curriculum philosophy of “that which is to be learned or known is not within any guide, but rather lives in the children themselves.”