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“We’re All in This Together” by Rev. Don Lansky

Have you noticed that even the TV commercials are now ending with the words, “We’re all in this together?” I’ve been thinking about this phrase a lot lately. It does seem to be true. We’re all learning and adapting to new ways of being through this pandemic. And it’s not just us. As you know, there are lock-downs and quarantines in virtually every country in the world.

An unusual result of the Coronavirus outbreak has been our desire and also our ability to connect virtually. I’ve heard from so many people that they’re reaching out to friends they haven’t talked to in years, or doing family reunions. At our Easter service a couple of weeks ago, there were as many people participating online as there had been in person the year before.

A few days ago, Patricia received a letter with old photos of herself from a friend who had finally found the time to clean house and was distributing her possessions wherever she could. A few Sundays ago, I spoke about turning our “Time-Outs to Time-Ins.” It feels as if nature is requiring us to slow down and take stock. We’re not really being asked, but rather we’re receiving this message loud and clear, whether we like it or not. So, if we’re “all in this together,” lets resolve to do our best to make good use of this time, to stay safe, and to stay connected – even if virtually.

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