Voting Member Renewal [SEE FORM BELOW]

It’s time for the annual renewal of your Voting Membership as stipulated in the Bylaws amendments that were approved by the Unity of Charlottesville (UOC) Voting Membership in October, 2013. Renewing your Voting Membership indicates your continuing commitment to share your love, your time, your talent and your consistent financial support with this beloved spiritual community.

We’ve created a very simple Voting Membership Renewal Form [SEE FORM BELOW] you can fill out here on the UOC website.

Because of technical difficulties during the first mailing we have extended the deadline to Monday, September 21, 2020 

Please be sure to check the first option: “Remain a Voting Member of Unity of Charlottesville”

This year’s UOC virtual Annual Meeting will be held Sunday, October 18, 2020 after the service. You will need to have to complete or returned your Voting Membership Renewal Form by Thursday, September 17 in order to vote at the annual meeting – and to be considered as a “Voting Member.”

If you have any questions about membership or UOC’s Bylaws, please call the Unity office (434) 978-1062

Being a Voting Member of UOC says something about you and about your relationship to this spiritual community. It means that you are committed to your own spiritual path, and that you are also committed to the work of this ministry as an agent of both individual and global transformation of consciousness on our planet.

We are grateful to you for making this commitment and look forward to receiving your Voting Membership Renewal Form soon.

UOC VOTING MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL October 2020 – October 2021