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Rising Light Reiki by Joan Maute

Many people are wondering what’s going on in the bigger picture – the WAY bigger picture. Is there a purpose to this epic global tragedy, or is it just some random event? The truth is, when something big happens it always seems to have a reason, a really important reason. Humanity was not on a positive trajectory and we usually need extreme situations before we’re willing to make big changes. Otherwise, if things aren’t too bad, we just continue on as we are because change is too scary, or just too much bother. So it seems like the Universe finally had it with our complacency and stepped in with enough drama to get our attention, giving us the extraordinary opportunity to make some big changes before we reached some irreversible tipping points.

The first thing we had to do was just stop…. and breathe…. and take a good look around at the world we’ve created. Is this want we really want? Is it too late to do something different, push a re-set button and start over with a different intent? Or do we have a second chance? By having to stay at home for an extended period, many people, who wouldn’t have otherwise, finally had time to look at the WAY bigger pictures, within and without. As a collective consciousness this global event is bringing people closer together in heart and spirit, and we realize in unison that we’re really all the same, all here together sharing our precious little Earth.

As the world rapidly changes before our eyes, life as we knew it just a few short months ago may be gone forever. It’s a challenge for everyone to keep up with it all and quickly figure out the best way to deal with our local situations, as well as the greater global situation. UOC has gracefully met the challenge and continued to offer us exceptional online services, and access to the support, wisdom, and guidance of Revs Don and Patricia. Plus we have many other Unity services that have gone online to continue supporting members of the congregation and community through this challenging time.

Those of us who are professional Reiki teachers/practitioners have also been greatly affected by global events, professionally and personally. Reiki has traditionally been passed from teacher to student in-person, and for good reason. Because we could no longer teach in-person classes, The International Center for Reiki Training collective of teachers had been praying for a solution that would enable us to somehow continue our teaching work and be of greatest service at this time when people need healing more than ever. In response to our prayers we received a much more powerful, higher frequency version of Holy Fire Reiki that we could work with online, enabling us to teach and give attunements online safely and effectively. We have never done this before, or even considered it a to be an acceptable teaching method. But times are different now and we are extremely grateful for this amazing gift that allows us to reach even more people in the world with the gift of Reiki healing energy.

A few weeks ago I had a very powerful experience as I received the new Reiki energy during a special teacher training, and was sent a message of hope for humanity:

“Every tragedy seems to bring gifts, if we are

open enough to recognize them and receive them.

The gifts that are now coming to us

from this global tragedy of epic proportions,

Will Be Equal in Magnitude

To the Tragedy Itself.”

This message made me think of UOC and what a gift of great magnitude it’s been to our community all these years, with loving messages that always uplift us and illuminate the gifts being sent to us all the time. I always feel better after a service, no matter what’s going on in my life, whether I’m struggling with something, or feeling great.

So if you’re sitting at home feeling bored, miserable, or even scared, listen to UOC’s live stream and recorded services. They can help you recognize and open to receive the extraordinary gifts coming your way right now!

A huge shift in the human collective consciousness has begun, an enormous spiritual leap forward for all humanity, and with it an extraordinary opportunity to hit the global reset button and create a new world order, one that works much better for everyone.

So what do YOU want to re-create,

for yourself, your community, and the world?

The future is in your hands.

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