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Sunday Service 090819 – Fundamentals of Raising Consciousness

September 08, 2019
ev. Dr.Paul Hasselbeck shares his vast knowlege of Metaphysics and the Fillmore writings in his message –

Sunday Service 090119 – Taize Service

September 01, 2019
Meditation, Silence, Resonating in the space of the heart

Sunday Service 82519 – Radical Forgiveness

August 25, 2019
"At the soul level, we get precisely what we need in our lives for our spiritual growth. How we judge what we get determines whether we experience life as painful or joyful." Colin Tipping

Sunday Service 081819 – Radical Amazement

August 18, 2019
“Wonder or radical amazement is the chief characteristic of a religious attitude toward life and the proper response to our experience of the divine."

Sunday Service 081119 – Radical Acceptance

August 11, 2019
Reverend Don shares about Radical Acceptance. Tara Brach defines it "Radical Acceptance is the willingness to experience ourselves & our lives as it is."

Sunday Service 080419 – Radical Love

August 04, 2019
What would we gain if we raised our level of LOVE to the Radical level?

Sunday Service 072819 – Radical Purpose

July 28, 2019
Even the wing flap of a butterfly makes a difference in the world. YOUR actions do also.

Sunday Service 072119 – Radical Rest

July 21, 2019
We need to take a break and rest to reduce our stress. One way is regular meditation.

Sunday Service 071419 – Radical Gospel

July 14, 2019
Reverends Patricia and Don trip to France to follow the life of Mary Magdalene.

Sunday Service 070719 – Radical Gratitude

July 07, 2019
Be grateful ahead of time and then expect the wonderful blessings