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Divine Identity

February 10, 2016
with Buddy Leffers

You’ve Got Friends

February 07, 2016
With Rev. Patricia

A Pencil in the Hand of God

January 17, 2016
with Rev. Patricia

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Unity or Unity Teachings

January 10, 2016
with Rev. Patricia Gulino Lansky

Birthing the Christ

December 20, 2015
with Rev. Don

Quest for Wholeness

November 29, 2015
with Rev. Don

Opening the Way of Faith

November 15, 2015
with Rev. Don

Opening the Wisdom Eye

November 08, 2015
with Rev. Patricia

Generosity of Spirit

November 04, 2015
with Rev. Patricia

Thy Will Not Mine

November 01, 2015
with Rev. Don