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Sunday Service 081119 – Radical Acceptance

August 11, 2019
Reverend Don shares about Radical Acceptance. Tara Brach defines it "Radical Acceptance is the willingness to experience ourselves & our lives as it is."

Sunday Service 080419 – Radical Love

August 04, 2019
What would we gain if we raised our level of LOVE to the Radical level?

Sunday Service 072819 – Radical Purpose

July 28, 2019
Even the wing flap of a butterfly makes a difference in the world. YOUR actions do also.

Sunday Service 072119 – Radical Rest

July 21, 2019
We need to take a break and rest to reduce our stress. One way is regular meditation.

Sunday Service 071419 – Radical Gospel

July 14, 2019
Reverends Patricia and Don trip to France to follow the life of Mary Magdalene.

Sunday Service 070719 – Radical Gratitude

July 07, 2019
Be grateful ahead of time and then expect the wonderful blessings

Sunday Service 063019 – Health & Wholeness

June 30, 2019
Disease can be healed if we are willing to change the way we think and believe and act

Sunday Service 062319 – Declaring Your Spiritual Independence: Living Affirmatively

June 23, 2019
LIving Affirmatively - by taking action on your affirmations

Sunday Service 061619 – Father’s Good Pleasure

June 16, 2019
Unity of Charlottesville Father's Day Service

June 09, 2019
5 Step process to clarify your prayer process