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The “I” of the Storm

A New Paradigm for Wholeness and Peacemaking

With Rev. Catherine Klein


Have you ever failed in a relationship? 

When a relationship ends or when there is conflict, do you make yourself or the other person wrong? 

Let's face it.  Managing tension in relationships often brings us to the edge of our resourcefulness.  But the truth is, when we feel judged or threatened, we instinctively move to protect ourselves.  When defensiveness, controlling others, or needing to be right becomes a strategy for coping with stress and interpersonal difficulties, we run the risk of damaging our relationships and reinforcing our worst insecurities and fears.

Tension in relationships is symptomatic of miscommunication -- breakdowns or missing pieces in the intention to connect, to commune, or to co-create.  The first step in transforming relationship tension is learning how to embrace conflict and the issues that support its presence.  Conflict arises out of our soul's intention to bring us into relationship with those aspects of ourselves that are not connected to our wholeness and worth.  We, therefore, are the "I" of the storm that is conflict.  Our challenge as truth students is to bring the attributes of "center" to the experience of the storm so we can maintain or restore harmony and communicate from our innate wholeness.

This workshop presents new insights into dealing with judgment and criticism based on Unity principles.  It teaches how to impersonalize and redirect the energy of conflict into positive avenues of healing and transformation.  It offers clear and simple methods for dealing with stressful and challenging situations.  Participants will gain relevant skills for creating harmony and managing conflict as it arises in their personal and professional lives.

WHERE:  Unity of Charlottesville

WHEN:     In-Person: Tuesdays, September 26; October 3, 10, 17

                     On-line: Tuesdays, October 24, 31; November 7, 14

                     6:30 – 8:30 PM

TUITION: $60 (no one turned away)


                      Embracing Conflict, Creating Peace

                     Gary Simmons

                     Available in paperback from the Unity Bookstore, or at bookstore or





About Rev. Catherine Klein

Rev. Catherine has extensive experience in non-violent communication and conflict resolution. She has worked in dispute resolution for the Dept. of the Army, as a child custody mediator, in the Conflict Clinic of George Mason University, and in her own consulting group, Inner Solutions. Rev. Catherine was ordained in the same class as Rev. Don in 2000 and has served Unity ministries in Tulsa, OK, Greensboro, NC, and Atlantic Beach, NC. She is a board member of the East Carolina University LGBT Center, and Delta Health.  Catherine has been married to Josef Klein since 2009. She has 3 sons, 3 stepchildren, 7 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.