How To Become a Member of Unity of Charlottesville

Unity is a positive path for spiritual living. You need not be a member to worship here. People of all faiths, religions, creeds, cultures, races and sexual orientation are welcome to attend all events at UOC.

Two Levels of Membership

Unity offers practical, spiritual teachings that empower abundant and meaningful living. Everyone who attends Unity may be considered to be a member of Unity if they simply fill out a Membership Application. Members do not have the privilege of voting on important business matters.

Becoming a Voting Member of Unity

Unity of Charlottesville (UOC) is an inclusive spiritual community.  Everyone is welcome to attend any worship service or event hosted by Unity. However, only voting members of UOC have the privilege of voting on important matters pertaining to the church.

At UOC, we encourage our voting membership to be educated, informed and empowered so that they can take an active role in the ownership of their spiritual center. Some of the items voting members vote on are:

  • Electing the Board of Trustees
  • Capital Expenditures
  • Building Programs
  • By-Law Changes

Because each of these things is so important to the present and future of UOC, voting members should be familiar with Unity truth principles and committed to this spiritual community.

Voting Membership is a Privilege

Becoming a voting member of UOC can be an important next step in your spiritual journey. Many people have the experience that finding Unity is like “coming home.” If the Unity teachings and the mission and vision of UOC resonates with you at a deep level—and if you are ready for this to be your spiritual home, then voting membership is for you. To become a voting member, two membership classes are required. Each class is two hours in length, generally on a Sunday from 1 – 3:00 p.m. These classes are offered at least twice annually:

Membership Classes

  • Unity Basics 1
    • The History of Unity of Charlottesville and the Unity Movement
  • Unity Basics 2
    • An Overview of Unity Teachings