Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Team

The Pastoral Care Team strives to meet the logistical needs of UOC members and congregants who request help; we make hospital and in-home visits, we coordinate rides to doctor’s appointments, coordinate meals if necessary, and provide other support as needed for congregants who are home bound after a surgery. We also offer spiritual support with home and hospital visits for prayer.


The Prayer Partner Team includes Buddy Leffers, Mackie Boblette and Sharon Taylor

The Role of a Prayer Partner is to hold sacred space during congregational service, to prayerfully support the ministers, board of directors, volunteers, and congregation, and to listen and pray in confidence with all who ask for prayer. Being a Prayer Partner is transforming soul work. It deepens one’s spiritual growth through prayer and service to others. Requirements include at least one year of active involvement at Unity and completion of the Prayer Partner training program. As with most other teams, there is a one-year commitment.

The responsibilities of a Prayer Partner are to maintain a personal prayer life, to be present at services for Prayer Partner duty, to commit to monthly Prayer Request calls, to make home/hospital visits when necessary, and to attend training sessions and monthly meetings.


Buddy Leffers & Mackie Boblette

Community members are invited to place a prayer request in the Prayer Box in the narthex. These are collected each week by the team leader and sent both to Silent Unity and to all members of the Prayer Team. Silent Unity will hold each of these requests in prayer for 30 days. As we are modeled on Silent Unity, our members are committed to follow the same process, i.e., holding the requests in prayer for 30 days.

Confidentiality: **All members of the Silent Prayer Team are held to a strict standard of confidentiality. This includes no overt acknowledgement of having received a prayer request or an inquiry or encouraging statement to the requester about the request. The Team’s Credo is “SILENCE”.

It is an honor to serve the Community in Prayer for its members. Some prayer requests also serve our larger civic community and those in need in our human family anywhere.